Book and Script Consulting

 In this video, Brad talks about indie vs. studio filmmaking at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood.

Brad was Vice President of Storytech Literary Consulting for 12 years, founded by Chris Vogler, author of the best-selling story structure book, The Writer’s Journey. Brad consults with authors and producers of books, TV and film scripts, treatments, multimedia and other creative endeavors.

Brad formerly taught Story Analysis at the American Film Institute and worked as head of development for film and television director Jonathan Kaplan, who directed Jodie Foster to an Oscar in The Accused. Kaplan has also helmed such projects as Unlawful Entry, the CBS miniseries In Cold Blood, and the hit NBC series E.R.

Brad's consulting clients have included:

John Densmore, drummer, The Doors

Timur Bekmambetov, director/producer, Bazelevs Productions, Moscow/Hollywood,
Wanted (Universal), starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy

The musical
Pan, produced by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, London and Musical Entertainment AG, Germany, world premiere in Sydney, Australia

The executive staff at the headquarters of Home and Garden TV (HGTV), New York/Knoxville

Alfonso Corona, film director,
Euforia, Mexico City

Cynthia Greenburg, TV writer-producer,
Accidentally on Purpose (CBS)

Luca Immesi, Giulia Brazzale, film producers, Esperimento Cinema, Italy, co-writers/directors,

Wayne Zurl, author,
A New Prospect, winner, Independent Book Awards

Jennifer Martin, screenwriter,
The Hunatics, winner, Moondance International Film Awards, Honolulu Film Festival

Paul Thornton, producer-director, Las Vegas Little Theater, playwright,

Charles Gidley Wheeler, historical fiction author, British television writer

Thompson & Co. Public Relations, New York/Anchorage

Glenn Whelan, President, Tennessee Screenwriting Association, Nashville

Richard Edwards, Director, Pison Studio and 3DProduction, animation studios, London

Uli Meyer, producer, commercial and feature animation, London


I will read your emailed script and make detailed notes in boldface, addressing story structure, character and dialogue suggestions, ideas for casting, pitching and marketing and a realistic appraisal of commercial potential. I then email back your work and set up a time for a one-hour phone consultation, an enjoyable “brainstorming” session in which we discuss in a broader and more creative way solutions to dilemmas in the work.

For this phone consultation, I call you if you live in the United States. Otherwise, telephone charges are your responsibility.  Foreign clients often use Skype for free.

For those not wishing a telephone consultation, additional written notes may be provided.

Half of all clients return for additional consultation on the same or other projects.


$500.00 for screenplays under 125 pages.      


$300.00 for a treatment, “beat sheet” or outline, up to 15 double-spaced pages.

Fiction / Nonfiction Manuscripts

$500.00 for manuscripts up to 200 pages, double-spaced. $100.00 for each additional 100 pages or portion thereof.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please email your phone number, time zone and best time to reach you to