Keynote speech, “The Role and Responsibility of the Writer” at the University of Wisconsin, Madison,
in its entirety at Wisconsin Public Television.

Only have time for a couple of short clips? Check out:

“Things Jimi Hendrix Taught Us About Success.”

“The Lesson of a Young Boy’s Tears.”

Brad has taught a wide variety of courses on prose, screenwriting, script development, adapting material for TV and Film, personal development for writers and working with literary agents. He currently serves as a visiting professor of Creative Writing at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

In addition to working with private clients, Brad has lectured and taught at such places as:
Panamerican University, Mexico City, Surrey Writers Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Pixar Animation Studios in Northern California and Gotham Writers Workshop in New York City.

Bradís private clients and students have included:

John Densmore, author, drummer, The Doors linkname to http://www.amazon.com/The-Doors-Unhinged-John-Densmore/dp/1479263133

Bill Ratner, voiceover artist, playwright, monologuist

Carrie Snow, comedian, TV writer, author

Kathryn Stern, author, Another Song About the King (Random House/Ballantine)

June Casagrande, author, Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies (Penguin)

Ian Abercrombie, actor, Seinfeld

Lesley Wake, TV staff writer, That 80s Show (Fox)

Michelle Villemaire, journalist, “Year of the Sugardaddy,” Elle Magazine

Evelyn Duboff, short story writer, playwright, Fools In Love (Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, L.A.)

Monique Hart, Director of Specials, CBS-TV


Consulting at the Surrey Writers Conference, Vancouver, B.C., Canada